About Us

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Playhouse Early Learning Centre is a child care centre based in Green Bay, West Auckland, with a lovely homely environment.

  • We are open from 7.30am-5.30pm
  • We welcome children from 6 months to 5 years
  • High teacher/child ratios (our ratios are above the government requirement)
  • We offer “20 hours ECE” for 3+ year olds
  • Quality educational programme developed by our experienced team
  • Primary care-giving for our under 2’s and transitioning children
  • Home cooked nutritional meals prepared by our centre cook
  • Awesome BIG “Kiwi backyard” outdoor area/playground
  • Our high number of caring qualified staff helps to ensure your child receives education
    and care that is tailored to their individual needs

What should you look for in a centre?

  • When walking through a centre – check that staff are playing and learning with your children. This is a sign that they are educators, not just child-minders.
  • Look for a centre that reminds kids of their home.
  • Look for smiles and fun.
  • Look for artwork and photos on the walls.
  • Look for a good sized outdoor area where kids can stretch and get some sunlight while learning through play – climbing equipment, sandpit, water play, art opportunities etc.

Is childcare good for my child?

You can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re giving your child a huge head start.

From a recent Herald article:

  • “Pre-schooling shoots pupils to the top of the class.”
  • “Children who experienced quality education before the age of 5 are leaving their peers far behind as they head towards the teenage years.”
  • “Those with pre-schooling are better readers, writers and mathematicians.”
  • “Did not necessarily mean kids were expert readers before they went to school, rather that they had developed an understanding of the importance of language.”
  • “Asking open ended questions, encouraging thinking in kids and creating a learning culture.”
  • Children at 12 who were outperforming their peers had been to early childhood centres with indoor/outdoor equipment familiarising them with shapes and proportions from a young age.”

Want to learn more?

The Government’s Education Review Office routinely checks all childcare services in the country and compiles reports on them – please see below for a copy of our latest report

20527 Playhouse Early Childhood Centre Confirmed Report